From Lot Vekemans

With: Hanna Eichel

Director: Tom Schneider

Stage Design: Besim Morina

Photo: Cristiano Remo

[translated from German]   "The ambivalent figure of Judas is definitely stuff that calls for a stage. Hanna Eichel brings him in front of her audience in a way that is big in small. She flirts, captivates with charm, fixes her audience, is amoral moral, is the gentle tyrant." NZZ

"It is striking that in the portraits that have been painted over the centuries, Judas has been portrayed in a more and more ugly and evil way... Judas is mocked by men to wash their own souls clean," writes Lot Vekemans about her anti-hero. "Judas" is about a man whose name stands for treason. A man who for centuries has been reviled by everyone. But without this man and without his Judas kiss, Christianity would never have become one of the great world religions. Since then, there has been countless speculations about the purpose of his deed, his anger and his self-assertion... After two thousand years, it is time for Judas to speak for himself: in a self-staged show, he makes a last attempt to bring his deed back to a human scale and to lead his audience to where they would rather not be: to the Judas within themselves.