Faust 1-6

Artistic direction: Stephan Müller

Director: Anne-Süster Andresen, Laura Koerfer, Christopher Kriese, Timo Krstin, Frederik Tidén, Christian Valerius

Dramaturgy: Ralf Fiedler

Stage design, costumes: Besim Morina

Guest Dance: Aleksandra Pavlovic

Music: Raphael Urweider

Game: Dora Balog, Johanna Berger, Timo Fakhravar, Marie Gesien, Urs Humbel, Florentine Krafft, Kaspar Locher, Lena Natus, Yanna Rüger

Technical stage: Istvan Major | lighting design, technical equipment: Arnd Frank | sound: Carlo Raselli | video: Michel Weber


6 directors and 10 acting students of the ZHDK will explore the work of Goethe: From Faust's suicidal phase in the study, NO DOG WANTS TO LIVE THAT WAY, down to the witch's kitchen, VOMIT THE WITCHES  SHIT THE PIG, into the Gretchen tragedy, BLOOD IS A WHOLE SPECIAL JUICE, over to the entangled second part, Faust and Mephisto at the Imperial Court, IT IS MISSING IN MONEY, NUN GOOD, SO CREATE IT THEN, into the laboratory, an artificial man is made, COME, PRESS ME RIGHT TO YOUR HEART, into the depths of your dreams to Helena, WHO IS DUTY (AND WOULD BE EYEWITHERE), later then to war, Lordship WIN' I, OWNERSHIP, Faust dies a rich man, blinded, eccentric, WHOEVER STRIVING TO ACTIVE, WE CAN RELEASE.