After a Concept by: Wassily Kandinsky

Music: Frank Zappa

Direction, Choreography, Light, Stage: Michael Simon

Costume: Besim Morina

Musical Direction: Myron Romanul

Music: Mukul

Choreography, Stage: Russell Maliphant

Light: Michael Hulls

Light and Stage: Burke Brown

Music: Mason Bates

Choreography: Aszure Barton

Muscial Installation: Ali Askin

Location: Baverian State Opera


Michael Simon has various utensils and body parts carried across the stage: a lamp, a giant mouth, a foot, a foam shoulder, until everything is housed in a kind of studio. The transporters hurry busily and in a twisted movement through the jammed area, clearing it out again. They drag signs with painted letters to the site. A small child (taken from Kandinsky's text) with a giant baby's head on top of it toddles questioningly (in an off-voice) through this scene, which is then filled with a segment of the globe and amorphous colour surfaces dancing high up in the stage sky, creating a confusingly animated scene. There are no answers. Just as Kandinsky moved from representational painting to abstraction, here body and language, hierarchy and meaningful (stage) order dissolve into a surreal pictorial event. Classic Info 4.4.2014 [translated from German]


The Yellow Sound