Kafka's tale "The Burrow" sketches an underground world in which happiness and paranoia are closely intertwined. It writes a kind of human animal, a thinking and speaking creature as only Kafka has. The creature lives in a permanent state of emergency, in a crusade against the outside world, against possible intruders.

"The Burrow" is a parable about society, which permanently creates risks by trying to prevent them. As in all of Kafka's stories, the consequences of her actions and thoughts relentlessly drive the beings, animals, people, men, mostly abandoned by.


by Franz Kafka
A Subterranean  Male Phantasy

With: Max Simonischek

Direction: Peter Kastenmüller, Max Simonischek

Stage: Besim Morina

Consulting Sounds: Daniel Freitag

Costume: Modedesign Basman & Joel Basman

Photo: Caspar Urban Weber


The Burrow