Light design: Besim Morina

Director: Clément Bugnon

choreographer: Matthias Kass

musician and composer: Pierrick Grobéty

dancers: Fhunyue Gao, Jolanda Löllman, Matthias Kass, David Valencia

dramaturgie: Marylène Rouiller

photos: Ida Zenna

The piece deals with the relationship between people and their environment. Naturally this depends on both the people and their environment but other much more complex factors also play a part. This is because of the continuous and seemingly never-ending changes in society which have occurred over the past years… Our world changes without halt and in it mankind plays a new role, that of the “genial creator”. He shapes the landscape according to his wishes and has actually revolutionized nearly all aspects of life.

These changes go hand-in-hand with the necessity to permanently adapt himself. In order to comprehend and grasp the world around himself he searches for the essence of things. He tries to understand the complexity of the new and ever evolving “system” and at the same time remain unchanged. This cannot succeed. As what Günther Anders calls an “illegitimate son” he cannot transform and improve himself in the same way as his “products”. He longs to be freer, faster and more intelligent and would like to recreate himself every day, become more flexible and adaptable. At the same time he knows that his being and his soul just like his body cannot be newly formed like the things and objects, which have been created around him.