Venue: Cabaret Voltaire Zurich

Stage Design / Scenography : Besim Morina

Idea/Concept: Lena Natus

Accompaniment: Liliana Heimberg

Text: Marianne Strauhs

Director/Concept: Lily Sykes

Assistant director: Olga Feger

Game: Jennifer Lee and Lena Natus

Music: Tom Huber | Dramaturgical collaboration: Eva-Maria Burri

Hospitance: Eva Locher

Light: Johannes Knoth | Sound: Mike Hasler | Technique Stage: Istvan Major, Lukas Keller


Sophie Taeuber-Arp meets Mina Loy

What is a vision? A fire? A sparkle? A philosophy? A pioneer?

Or nothing at all?

And what does it mean to be a woman and have a vision?

Sophie Taeuber-Arp is a Swiss painter, sculptor, dancer, architect, designer, pedagogue, pioneer of concrete art, Dadaist

and with her husband Hans Arp co-signatory of the Dadaist Manifesto 1916 in Zurich. Sophie is depicted on the current fifty-franc note

- as the only woman among seven men.

Mina Loy, born in England, is a poet, painter, designer, feminist, futurist, mother, author of a feminist manifesto and Dadaist. She has lived in Paris, New York, Mexico and Florence. After a first unsuccessful marriage, she met and married the Dadaist Arthur Cravan in 1916. Three years later Arthur is declared "lost in the ocean" and leaves Mina pregnant.